viperine has a pretty face but i’m really not feelin the snake headband and frankly homegirl’s sporting one hell of a fivehead if it’s removed. also awhile back someone commented that her dress makes her look preggo and I agree. not a very flattering look, though kudos to mattel for branching out with a clothing design other than skin tight/form-fitting

either way i have no clue what to do now because i’m not crazy about any of the newest eah or mh releases save for sweet screams and maybe cupid, and it’s not a good feeling, being without anything to really hunt for… ><

True story: last night I had a dream that I found the sweet screams girls at target for $3 each (ha, well, that part was definitely a stretch). but the last time I had a dream about finding a doll, it was when I dreamt I found basic Spectra, then the next day found out she was being re-released…

I also have never, in my almost 2 years of collecting, gone out looking for a new release and found it on the first try

moreover, my target typically gets everything in like a month or more after it’s started popping up elsewhere

so imagine how I felt finding them at my target tonight!! I only had enough to afford frankie, but Ula will join her soon enough. This line is my favorite probably since the first couple basic waves, and I really, really hope it continues after these first two. :D

Went post-Christmas shopping today and came home with two things I very much did not expect to find!!

I’ve been looking for the orange box for ps3 for years and I finally found it at a local small game store. I’ll finally very able to play through the first portal game!

Sweet screams I totally didn’t think would have made it here yet (western new york) and there were none on the shelves, but I scanned the barcode at the price scanner and it said they had them in the stockroom, so I went to customer service and I had them bring out Frankie for me. She’s too cute… score!!! :)

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A couple hunting tips for all MH/EAH collectors regarding Target

most of you probably know this, but for those who don’t, Target’s DPCI system does not differentiate between dolls in an assortment. basically, think of the DPCI not as an alternate SKU/UPC, but as a “case number”. In some instances, different assortments can even share the same DPCI, ie; Scaris and FCA, DDG and GNO, etc. 

this is why Target’s online stock checker really isn’t reliable at all — it uses DPCI to check your store’s stock. it’ll show you one doll and say it’s in stock at your store, but all it really means is that your store has something from that assortment in stock, and not necessarily that specific doll. 

calling ahead and asking them to hold something isn’t very helpful either. oftentimes they don’t know what they’re looking for and will set aside anything that sounds about right or shares the same DPCI. on one occasion, I asked them to hold a Little Dead Riding Wolf, and when I came to get it, they handed me a Clawdeen costume wig. More recently, my mother called and asked them to hold a Cerise for me for Christmas, and when my dad went to pick it up, it was a Maddie Hatter. 

Best thing to do is scrap the online checker and holds and just go yourself as frequently as is convenient for you until you find what you’re looking for yourself.

Happy hunting!! 

As promised, Cat Tastrophe bringin the sass and kickin some ass

sorry about the obnoxious watermarking, but… yknow how things are with doll photography these days ><;;

my boyfriend and I went out shopping tonight at around 6pm-ish so as to avoid crowds and general black friday mayhem. in that regard we succeeded a good amount — things had calmed down quite a bit. however I only made one actual “black friday purchase” and that was Power ghouls toralei. we went to target and I was after Honey (yes ik I said I hated her, she grew on me. sue me) and I saw a couple of guys restocking toys and I kinda asked if they saw an MH doll with a big blue afro, and they said they didn’t know and started opening up boxes for me, and one was a power ghouls assortment with Toralei. it was the first time I ever saw her in person and at $10 I could hardly pass her up.

after bringing her home I wasn’t so sure I liked her, but after deboxing her I realized she’s very cool. she was begging for a photoshoot and I obliged, which is when I realized homegirl is werkin the hell out of that catsuit. she definitely is the sexiest of the dolls I own. also without her mask hiding her features, she’s much prettier. I’m considering taking her hair down for a more feminine look but I dunno yet… I don’t want to ruin the stripes in her ponytail D:

anyway pics to come!! I’m gonna have fun looking through them all uwu

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I realized that my tastes in dolls seems to differ pretty greatly from most others in the MH fandom

for instance, with few exceptions, I have stuck to the whole “only buying dolls I actually like” rule, mostly due to financial reasons. but the dolls I do like are not the same ones as most people seem to fangirl over. Save for the coffin bean line, I’m really not crazy over any of the new/future releases. Elissabat and Honey are maybes, but I know I like them much less than everyone else, Honey especially. my mild interest might also just be my need to always jump aboard hype trains as opposed to actually liking the dolls.

however, Cerise Hood… I’m in lesbians with her. I can’t even explain why. Maybe it’s that Amy Lee-ishness I mentioned awhile back, but I cannot wait to get my hands on her doll. I’m sort of angry for this reason that she’s popping up in Canada, and here in the US we’re only getting the dolls I don’t care much for at all. I just hope she shows up soon because I’m so crazy over her you have no idea… ;A;

but yeah… kinda sad I’m not bandwagoning it up with everyone and I’m just here waiting for one measly EAH doll (well, Cupid and Lizzie too but that will be later on). I just wish I liked these new ones more than I do. :/

Still can hardly believe I finally got my hands on this awesome ghoul <3 I’m in love!!

I really wanted to do a decent photoshoot for her so I snuck down into the basement and used my mom’s photography lights and light tent, but unfortunately my camera died after only three photos, so I’m just posting the best one. 

I might take more once my camera’s charged :3

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My basic Ghoulia arrived today!! She’s in perfect condition and is missing only her diary which is no big deal for me. I’m so happy to finally have her!
Thank you nuus-cusps for the extremely generous trade and for being so patient with me throughout the process. You’ve made a fellow MH collector very happy!! :D

oh look people found Jane Boolittle…

still a hard pass.

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