I actually feel pretty today which is really odd.

but omg this lipstain makes me very, very happy.

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and this is me with my top lids lined. :/

I used the urban decay pencil liners I mentioned before. I just don’t know if I like how my top lids look when they’re lined… it’s almost always too thick and dark looking no matter what I do. And lighter eyeliners always look smeary and weird on my complexion.

mehhhh. *stalks off to remove eyeliner*

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uhm so I have a makeup question.

I find lining my upper lid to be an absolute pain in the ass and it could possibly be because of the products I’m using. I’ve tried using Urban Decay 27/4 Glide On Pencils, which work fairly well but can smear easily and it’s hard to do wings with them. I’ve also used some Maybelline Gel Liner which is okay up until when you’ve used a good deal of the jar and the gel begins to get dry and flaky… it’s also hard to control and sometimes too much goes on too quickly.

So I was thinking about investing in some liquid liner which for some reason I’ve never tried. A lot of people complain about it though, that it can be a pain to use and can be messy. 

Suggestions? :/

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holy balls I’m wearing makeup today whaattt.

and you can actually see my cartilage piercing in this one :D

my hair almost always covers it up. u.u

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