okay tumblr I need some anime to watch U KNO THE DRILL.

i really want some emotional, deep, heartstrings-tearing kinda stuff, preferably with otherwordly-type settings or supernatural plot of some kind

so yeah not like free! or kuroko no basuke or that kinda thing (no offense orz)

basically stuff like angel beats, elfen lied, haruhi, snk, ano hana, fullmetal alchemist, blood+, PMMM, SOA, etc… I’ve been eyeing up kyoukai no kanata but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m looking for?? maybe it is, idk.

what can you suggest for me?

i need heeelp ;A;

can you guys recommend for me some anime that feels very summery and light, but still somewhat emotional and sweet (kinda like Air TV)??

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I wanna watch chuunibyou but like I don’t even know what it is.

the genres are always listed as comedy, school life, and romance, but I’ve seen a lot of photo/gifsets that make it look different than that… like it seems to have emotional elements and maybe some fantasy I dunno.

so basically what I’m asking is, is this anime more Lucky Star or more Angel Beats because I’m really confused. :/

How to properly and easily source pixiv art: a tutorial


I see far too much unsourced pixiv art around tumblr, and I realized that it’s possible that when people stumble upon something without a source, they figure it’d be like finding a needle in a haystack to track down the source, so they just reblog it without a source. This is still considered stealing art, because the person who actually made it is getting no credit. 

However, finding the source and adding it to the post is quite simple. This is the method I use (though there are other methods that use different sites). This isn’t 100% foolproof because saucenao might not be able to match your art, but if you find that it will work, I encourage you to source as much art as you can… people worked hard on these fanarts and they deserve credit!!

I should also mention that images sourced to sites like zerochan and e-shuushuu are not properly sourced. These imageboards only serve to repost art from places like pixiv, and they are not original sources. So this guide also applies to falsely and incorrectly sourced art. If that’s what you’re working with, follow the directions, except instead of adding in sources, you’ll be replacing them with the original pixiv post.

So here’s a step-by-step tutorial I made to guide you through the process of tracking down a source and adding it onto an unsourced post on tumblr. It looks like a lot, but I promise, it takes about a minute in total to complete. So here we go!!

Step 1. Find a piece of unsourced work and make sure it’s actually unsourced.

Much of the time it’s easy to mistake a sourced image for an unsourced one if there’s no caption giving credit, but there’s still a click-through link added. So make sure your image looks like this:


Once you know for sure you’re dealing with a bona fide sourceless image, it’s time to get to work on finding who it belongs to!

Step 2. Find the tumblr url for the image.

This is easy, we just need the url of the image as its stored on tumblr. So just right click and go to “Copy Image URL” like so:


Step 3. Go to SauceNAO and enter the info.

We’re using sauceNAO to track down the original source of the image on pixiv. So go there and click on “advanced options”, then enter the URL, like this:


After that, just click on “get sauce”, and then…

Step 4. Get the pixiv details

If all goes according to plan, two identical images should pop up, side by side. The left is the image stored on tumblr, the right is the image stored on pixiv. If the one on the right is different, saucenao has failed you. I’m very sorry. More than likely, the image is from a source other than pixiv. In this case, you can try and find a different method for sourcing. Since we’re just dealing with pixiv art though, I’m just going to blindly assume you found your image on pixiv.

So, hopefully, you get something looking like this:


As the nice image says, you want to click the pixiv ID, not the member name, to go to the original pixiv post. Go ahead and do that, I’ll wait.

You good? Okay, let’s move on!

Step 5. Find the label/caption you will use to credit the artist when you reblog.

Once you’re on the pixiv page, scroll down past the image to find a little box under the word “Share”. For now, we only want the first half of what’s in that box.


Basically just make sure you only copy the bit before the image URL. 

We’re almost there!! Just a little more left to do!!

Step 6: Go back to tumblr and give this poor unsourced artwork a caption.

So go to reblog your image, and use what you copied as a caption, like so:


Not too difficult. Okay, onwards!

Step 7. Link the image to the original source using the URL on pixiv.

Now, we’re going to repeat the process with the URL that was underneath the caption on pixiv, except we’re going to paste it a couple of different places to give as much credit as possible.

Back on the pixiv page, find that box again and copy the URL:


Then, go back to the reblog page…


As the image says, you need to highlight your text first, then go to hyperlink, and paste the URL. Then paste the URL under “content source”, which should automatically also set it as a click-through link. This way you have it technically sourced 3 different ways. 

After you’ve done this, just reblog! You’re done!! :]

So this seemed like a long process in text form, but doing it is much quicker and easier, trust me. If I can get a bunch of you to start actively sourcing art, it would be great for us all, because fewer pixiv artists would be deleting their art and accounts due to their art being stolen. 

I hope this helped you! If you have any questions just ask me. Thank you for reading!! ♥

alright I decided my policy of following back 100% and never unfollowing isn’t gonna work anymore. my dash gets far too clogged with things I don’t care about and I really don’t like scrolling through for 15 minutes before I find one worthwhile post to reblog.

however, this means that I would like to follow blogs to replace the ones I’ve unfollowed for this reason. so if you are a blog dedicated to any mixture of the following, I will follow you and reblog the living balls out of the things you post:

  • pixiv art and anything anime related
  • gaming (esp. final fantasy (and similar jrpg’s), skyrim, portal, animal crossing, pokemon, etc.)
  • japan/japanese culture (including geisha/okiya culture, tokyo culture, and otaku culture)

if this applies to you, please follow me and I’ll check out your blog and follow back. 

(please excuse the tags… just trying to get the attention of the right fandoms/blog styles) :3

夏祭の少女 | Mitha [pixiv] 

PSA: I reblog a lot of pixiv art just to add the source. It’s ridiculous the amount of fanart I find without sources… you didn’t create it, so it only makes sense to credit the person who did.

If for some reason you can’t find the source (though I have no idea how else you’d find the art if you’re the OP), then go to saucenao and upload the image or insert the image url and it will (usually) find you the original source.

uhh… why did netflix take off the first two seasons of fma brotherhood?

it’s fucking bizarre because I was just watching the first season earlier today. this actually really pisses me off because I look forward to watching it at night and I go to watch it and it’s suddenly not in my recently added, and when I search for it, only season 3 comes up.

is it like that for anyone else or just me? 

Thinking of watching Durarara!!

what’s everyone’s opinion of it? worth watching? 

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